Social Media Flash Mobs Hmmm….

Reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody has me wondering about social media flash mobs.  He relates the term flash mob to a small group of people using a particular social media tool for a short period of time.  This is precisely my assignment.  I am to blog for a week to reach (at least) my 12 classmates.  I’m intrigued, now, by my first participation in a flash mob.

What do other social media flash mobs look like?  Evite would be one tool that focuses on a flash mob model.   Can you think of others that cater to a small group of people for a short amount of time?  I’m coming up blank at the moment.

However, I can think of a few examples of a larger social media flash mob moving from the virtual world into the physical world.  The Texas state senator Wendy Davis’s physical flash mob of support?  Someone posted the video on YouTube, others spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other media.  The resulting crowd that gathered in the rotunda was so loud the senators could hardly hear each other and the vote came too late.  (There’s more on that story today, if you’re interested.)

There were social media flash mobs during tropical storm Sandy.  Word spread through the social media and people began to share where gas stations had power, where there were places to charge phones, and where people could find shelter.

Just in these three examples I can see that social media is changing not only the way we socialize, but also the way we govern and the way we respond to emergencies.  Does the idea of online flash mobs give you an idea of how social media is changing our world?  Will you share it here?


5 thoughts on “Social Media Flash Mobs Hmmm….

  1. Jaime Yslas

    I have just started to use the event capability in Facebook – I am using it to invite others to join me in an event I plan to attend. I like the fact that it allows those whom I initially invite to invite friends as well. I have also toyed with MEETUP groups – this is a program which offers up groups with which you may have an affinity or interest and allows you the opportunity to join in with like-minded people. You can specify a number of filters like geographic location, type of activity, and so forth. I think that both of these tools may be a bit low in the spontaneity spectrum, so they may or may not be flashmob-like.

    1. Chrysty Hendrick

      I had thought about the event capability in Facebook but I didn’t know others could add their own friends to an event know. Cool! I’ll have to check out MEETUP. Sounds like it could be fun or it could be creepy depending. 🙂

  2. Kirimi

    The best I have found working is Facebook and it gives you results that you will love. Evite is good but only limited to people receiving your emails but if they don’t read them the their will be frustrations.


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