I can’t learn what I want to know on the web. No, really I can’t.

Let me be clear up front.  I love surfing the web.  I love new things.  I love learning. If curiosity truly kills the cat then I am in deep trouble.  I can’t get enough of these things.  But to be quite honest with you.  I love other things more.  My husband, my God, my dog, my family,  my friends, and my well being.  All of these things are relationships and they need personal, intentional tending.  (There are other things in my life that need tending too but here is where my heart is this morning.)

These relationships and my time spent in social media and online in general on not entirely separate things.  My connection through Facebook keeps me in daily contact with friends and family across the globe.  That connection is priceless to me but I do need to engage it with caution.  So many of my friends and family post fascinating articles and opinions that I am so tempted to just keep clicking my way through my entire day.  I just want to know it all.   

Perhaps you can understand then that I felt like this concept from Net Smart was aimed directly at me.  “Making informed decisions about where to deploy your attention begins with realizing that nobody can ever take advantage of all the interesting opportunities the Web presents us.”  As much as I want to read and learn everything I am curious about, I can’t.  I just do not have that much time in my lifespan and my relationships are more important to me.

When it comes to online knowledge seeking, I need to follow Stephen Covey‘s advice and “begin with the end in mind.”   I use social media to connect and tend my relationships.  If my time online is not serving the love I wish to show and experience in these relationships, then I need to focus my attention on what is really important to me and say no to curiosity in favor of love.

Do you struggle with the YouTube Time Suck of Death or the Facebook Click Through Time Destroyer?  How do you choose what is important to you?


One thought on “I can’t learn what I want to know on the web. No, really I can’t.

  1. Irene DeMaris

    Hi, my name is Irene, and I have a problem. My time suck is Wikipedia. I love learning new things! Reading articles and watching documentaries are some of my favorite things. It’s important to know that I call my Wikipedia App my favorite app because it can explain anything to me (if you don’t have it, get it now!). I often get trapped by looking up one thing and clicking on something within that article, then the next, then the next. I may have originally looked up a TV show, then actor, then other actor, then the random degree they got, then the research in the field, then the university it is at…I figure that as I am engaging my brain this isn’t an issue unless it is taking me away from something I actually need to do: work, study, etc. Sometimes if I really want to learn about something I keep the page open in my tab to save for later or when I reward myself during studying. I think everyone is different though, so this may work for me, but perhaps not for you!


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