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TGIF: Learning Language is Loving

Wordle: Spanish 2

Today at I am grateful for the opportunity to learn another language.  Check out the post at Begin Again.

And grateful to play online.  I discovered wordles here.


Reconciliation and Right Relationship

Have you ever had a friendship end in a way that leaves you wondering what happened?  I have.  I know that people come and go in my life as the seasons of it change.  However, this one friend’s disappearance seems to haunt me as the feelings of disappointment and sadness surface at random moments in my life.  Like yesterday while listening to a sermon about reconciliation.  So my question is: How do I reconcile with someone who doesn’t want to talk to me and is no longer a part of my life?

The priest said that we must be in right relationship with our fellow human beings in order to be in right relationship with God.  Yet, relationship is just that, a relation between two people.  So if we must be in right relationship then both people must be a part of that process.  In my case, one of us won’t be a part of that process.

I found this piece of advice from Marc and Angel helpful: “Focus only on what can be changed;– Realize that not everything in life is meant to be modified or perfectly understood.” (For more of their insights visit them here.)  I can only change myself.  I cannot change my friend.  So if I am to be in right relationship with him then God must provide the opportunity for that to happen.  I have prepared my heart.  I have done what I can alone.  The next step lies outside my control.  Sometimes the hardest thing for me to do is nothing.  

The answer I come to today is: Be me and trust God for all the rest.  What do you find helpful when reconciliation is beyond your control?