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TGIF: Home Sweet Home

It’s been a long tough quarter and I am needing to recoup some energy and enthusiasm.  So, in true introvert form, today I hibernated.  Yes, I know spring is finally here but spring has found me before I found it.  I really need days like this one to stay sane.  Therefore today my gratitude overflows for my home.  My place of relative safety, acceptance, quiet, and love.  What more can I say?  Home is home and I am grateful.


TGIF: Technology Can Be Bliss

Today as I checked my registration for spring quarter and paid my tuition, I was suddenly reminded of what that processed looked like for me the first time around at this higher education thing.  It’s so easy that I had completely forgotten the “old” way.  I am grateful to have a “new” way now.   Read more at Begin Again.

“The best thing college ever did for me was to teach me how to think!” -Anonymous